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Oregon State University


Real-World Research and Innovation Toward Green Energy and Energy Independence

Leading the Wave Oregon State University is a national leader of a resurgence in research on ocean wave energy and is making strong advancements in providing answers to the world’s future energy needs.

Synergy — where the result of cooperative action is greater than the sum of individual efforts — is a concept Oregon State University has practiced for decades. Today that collaboration across OSU, Oregon and the nation is working on several fronts addressing the challenges of sustainable energy. Already, research from our faculty, students and industry partners is yielding tangible results including startup companies and licensed technologies. And under Sustainable Energy & Infrastructure (SENERGI), these synergies will grow even stronger and produce even greater impact.


Electrifying Transportation

Anyone who drives 12,000 miles per year will save from $500 to $1300 each year by driving an electric vehicle, charged at home, rather than a comparable internal combustion engine vehicle.
See the PowerPoint presentation slides by Walt Eager